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February 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Somewhere over ancient China

Somewhere over ancient China




so much of it



sun rises

Islands ~ continents

Pools of wetness

People dreaming


Next to me too

Different dreams than me

I dream of the future

that is the past

long ago past

prehistoric me

when decades I have known



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Encounter @ Encounter Bay ~ Victor @ Victor Harbor

There were always evolutionary steps, there always will be. Whether it is the biggies in evolution when sea-stuff such as fish clambered out of the sea, breathed some air, got a leg up, developed then lost enough intelligence to become reflective-questioning humans millions of years later or this current crop of folks tossing about within the evolution of love, parenting, making a stab at understanding the moment; there will be change. Every moment is the big-bang – with the unforeseeable…


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A Chinese miracle

A Chinese miracle…


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A Piggly Wiggly story

A Piggly Wiggly story

I do not recall having heard of the Piggly Wiggly chain of stores before last summer. Not sure why that is as I lived in the States for about 42 of my 65 years on this planet and I surely have wandered through the south where they have 600 stores in 17 states. And it is not because they just started popping up around the place. In fact their website says they have been “bringing home the bacon for millions of…


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